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About me

Hello, I'm Kashika Maini aka "Kash Maini", the creative force and makeup artist behind this vibrant canvas of beauty. My journey into the world of makeup began during the uncertainties of the COVID era, unfolding into a passionate odyssey that now defines Kash Maini Artistry.

As an immigrant, the dream of a makeup career felt both distant and thrilling. With the security of my Permanent Residency, I embarked on a transformative path, earning formal certification from Blanche Macdonald. Bridal makeup and hair services became my specialty, each stroke telling a unique story of beauty and self-discovery.

Beyond the brushes, my journey took an unexpected turn towards teaching makeup, a passion I now share with enthusiasts seeking their artistic evolution. Join me on this beauty adventure, where art meets makeup, and every contour becomes a narrative.

For a behind-the-scenes look into my artistic process, explore @kashmainiartistry on Instagram. There, I share captivating videos and content that offer an exclusive peek into the world of KashMainiArtistry. Let's make beauty a personal and empowering story together.

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